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Voli Vodka Lyte

Voli Vodka Lyte
Item# 289840
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Product Description

Voli light vodkas are the world’s first low-calorie, fruit and fusion flavored vodkas. Delicious, light and smooth, they are masterfully blended and crafted from the finest natural ingredients, five-times distilled superior French wheat, and natural spring water from the Cognac region of France. Voli light vodkas contain 25-40% fewer calories than other leading spirits brands.

In creating Voli, French master distiller George Roullet worked with mixologists, vodka connoisseurs and premier spirits producers to achieve the perfect proportion of flavors and to create tastes and aromas unlike any other fusion flavored vodka. The end result is a spirit that is easy to pour and ready to drink straight, making it ideal for in-home entertaining. Voli light vodkas are available in original lyte, lemon, orange vanilla, raspberry cocoa and espresso vanilla flavors.
Alcohol By Volume: 30% (60 proof)
Country Of Origin: France