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Vallure Vodka

Vallure Vodka
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Product Description

Vallure Vodka is the world's finest Super Premium Vodka. Vallure is made with a unique, age-old recipe, and from the top percentage of the world's finest German winter wheat. The vodka is subjected to a high level multi-distillation process followed by a genuine triple gold-filtering process, whereby the spirit is passed through three gold filters, boosting its flavor and increasing its smoothness. To represent the worth of the spirit and the unique triple gold-filtering process, every bottle of Vallure Vodka is cased in 24 karat gold. Vallure's quality management team tests every distilled batch and ensures that every bottle of Vallure is filled with the world's smoothest, best tasting vodka. To monitor batch year, quality, and since quantities are limited, every bottle is individually stamped. The Vallure Distillery is located in Berlin, Germany and has been producing vodka for over a hundred years. At the turn of the twentieth century the distillery produced vodka for the Czars, who were the highest-ranking officials in Russia and known for their connoisseurship in vodka. The bottle is accompanied by a two-part, black shell packaging and is showcased in a red velvet interior, a design greatly influenced by the last two centuries of aristocratic Eastern Europe.
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Tasting notes: It is an incredibly smooth and subtle spirit, with a wisp of natural herbs and a soothing, simple aftertaste
Size: 750ML
Country Of Origin: Germany