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Macallan "Rare Cask" Single Malt Scotch

Macallan "Rare Cask" Single Malt Scotch
Item# 460526
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Product Description

Distiller Notes:
"The Macallan is delighted to present rare cask from the 1824 series , which has been created to showcase the beautiful range of natural colour found in our whiskies- each experience becoming increasingly darker and more complex. The interaction of spirits and wood alone delivers the beautiful range of rich natural colours that distinguish the Macallan Whiskies.
This rich ruby red whisky magnificently showcases two of the Macallan's greatest pillars- sherry seasoned oak cask and natural colour. These signature characteristics reinforce our position as one of the world's truly great single malt whiskies. "

Taste Notes:
The whisky seriously delivers. The mahogany color is due to the 100% sherry cask aging, and there is no spirit caramel added to give it a fake tan. At 43% alcohol by volume, it's rich and intense on the nose, with a combination of citrus zest, milk chocolate, and wood spice aromas that suggests a wide range of ages are involved. (The Macallan declined to comment on the ages of the blend involved.) From the first sip you get baking spices, more of that chocolate, plums, apricots, and walnuts. The finish has a soft smoke and leaves you licking the insides of your cheeks.Add a little water to the glass and everything mellows out even more. The nose turns a little crème brûlée with a hint of freshly cut wood. The spices and fruit that dominated when neat soften up and the smoky finish all but disappears. It takes the best flavors of dessert and offers them up without all that sugar.

The No Age Statement
No-age-statement (NAS) whisky isn't a new phenomenon. Legally, whisky with digits on the bottle must list the age of the youngest whisky in the blend. (Unless labeled "single cask" even single malts are blends of different whiskies from a lone distillery.) This means that something labeled 15 years old could actually have an average age much higher than a bottle labeled 18 years old. Older whiskies tend to have richer, spicier flavors while younger whiskies have vitality and freshness that gets subdued over time.