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Jean Marc XO Vodka

Jean Marc XO Vodka
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Product Description

Introducing Jean-Marc™ XO: the Connoisseur's hand crafted, small batch Vodka.Hand crafted by Jean-Marc Daucourt in the Cognac region of France, Jean-Marc™ XO Vodka marries cutting edge French spirits and winemaking techniques to create an extraordinary Vodka possessing a floral bouquet, complex & elegant wheat flavors, a silky texture and very long finish.* Jean-Marc™ XO Vodka is distilled nine times in small batches, using traditional copper Alambic stills. The entire process takes several weeks from start to finish.* Jean-Marc Daucourt selected four particular French wheat grains for their delecate and harmonious flavors. They are called Ysengrain, Orvantis, Azteque, and Chargeur. Each wheat grain is separated from its chaff before distillation in order to eliminate any bitterness.* Jean-Marc™ XO uses only pure Gensac spring water from the Cognac area, filtered naturally for centuries through Grande Champagne limestone.* To create as pure and natural a spirit as possible, Jean-Marc™ XO is micro-oxygenated just after distillation. This innovative technique was borrowed from First Growth winemakers in nearby Bordeaux.* To finish, Jean-Marc™ XO Vodka is charcoal-filtered through Limousin oak, using special Daucourt family techniques learned over generations of spirits-making.To best enjoy Jean-Marc™ XO Vodka, serve it shaken in a very dry martini, on the rocks, or neat in a Cognac glass.Compare Jean-Marc™ XO to your favorite ultra premium will immediately appreciate the difference.