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Glenkinchie 20 Years Single Malt Scotch

Glenkinchie 20 Years Single Malt Scotch
Item# 230405
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Product Description

Taste Notes:

Nose: At first, clean and light, with mild nose-prickle. Creamy-soft and juicy; notes of ripe pear, with a trace of spearmint. Then more sweet fruit (honeydew melon, old orange peel). Next, the sweetness grows slightly thicker; as with an apricot pastry, or boiled sweets. Also, there are some fresh, herbal notes. Adding water brings up the sweet, fresh fruit in a refreshing, classic fruit salad. There are hints of banana and more boiled sweets (pear-drops and sherbet lemons) in the development.

Palate: Tart and fruity. Scented and floral (dried grass, roses). Minty. Gloriously smooth full mouth-feel with water. Lightly sweet, then crisp acidity; delicate fruits (apple, pear, banana, lychee) in a light sugar syrup. Slightly fizzy on the tongue; lightly mouth-drying.Very slightly oily.
Finish: Quite short, sweet, and slightly lemony. Later, cleansing and slightly drying, like a gingery lemongrass cordial. Add water and it’s smooth and clean, with some spiciness and a lingering taste of now chewy fruit sweets (green apple flavour).