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Glenfiddich Reserve 1977 Vintage Cask Single Malt Scotch (Sold Out)

Glenfiddich Reserve 1977 Vintage Cask Single Malt Scotch (Sold Out)
Item# y25321305
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Product Description

Glenfiddich (Cask #4414), 1977 Vintage, Proof: 108.2
Age: Over 31 Years Old Single Cask, Single Malt
Bottle Number: 470 Of Cask Number 4414
Size: 750ML

"Experts from Russia, Germany, USA and the UK gathered in anticipation of selecting a Vintage Reserve from six excellent casks, shortlisted by our Malt Master. After lengthy and in-depth debate they selected cask 4414. An expression matured in a fine Spanish Sherry Butt, since 1977.

Rich with deep sherry and a delicately crafted oaky sweet aroma. Intensity, and a full woody flavour are followed by vanilla sweetness and ripe fruit. Flavour unfolds and sways between oak, sweet and spicy. A very long, lingering warmth remains."

Very elegant and refined. Obviously this whisky was aged in a pristine sherry cask. The flavors are very clean and well-defined. Gently sweet and fruity, with golden raisin, candy apple, and red raspberry jam. There’s delicate pineapple, dried cherry, coconut and vanilla too, with a polished oak finish. A very classy Glenfiddich. Not as bold and spicy as last year’s 1976 vintage (which I had a hand in selecting but, ironically, don’t like as much). This new vintage approaches the caliber of the 1973 Vintage release from two years ago which I still think is the best one in recent years.

Advanced Malt Advocate magazine rating: 91