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Francoli Lemoncello 750ml

Francoli Lemoncello 750ml
Item# w97780523
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Product Description

Alcohol: The alcoholic part is composed of a mixture of neutral spirits of natural agricultural origin. Infusion: The main characteristic of the product comes from the large infusion of several different varieties of lemons typically from the Amalfi Coast. Flavours: Lemon In contains 100% natural lemon flavour and lemon juice.

Serving suggestions

Primarily served straight and chilled, or with ice. Also works well on top of ice creams and fruit salads. Delicious with cake and cream pies. All the freshness of the lemons can be tasted.

It is certainly a drink to be served following a meal as it has remarkable digestive qualities. It also tends to leave the mouth pleasantly clean and perfumed. It goes well after fish dishes.

Spectacular when served in the afternoon, particularly during the summer season in an on-the-beach atmosphere.