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Delamain Vesper Grande Champagne

Delamain Vesper Grande Champagne
Item# y84692
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Product Description

Delamain Vesper Grande Champagne Cognac is blended from a range of cognacs averaging approximately 35 years of age, brought to consumption strength by the gradual addition of "vieilles faibles," very old, weak Grande Champagne Cognacs of 15 percent alcohol content.  Introduced in 1953, it is named to reflect the serene, ethereal quality of the sixth canonical hour when the evening services or Vespers, are celebrated in hymn.  The label is a reproduction of a 1790 cellar engraving by J.J. de Boissière. 

This limpid, deep amber-gold Cognac is marked by vinous, woodsy aromas of oak, grilled grapeseeds and vanilla; the full, rich, mellow flavors and elegant silky texture carry into a persistent finish.  Aged an average of 35 years

100% Grande Champagne Cognac