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Clase Azul Anejo Tequila

Clase Azul Anejo Tequila
Item# 000101
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Product Description

New from Clase Azul: CLASE AZUL ANEJO

The decanter for Clase Azul Añejo is hand-made and hand-painted in our ceramic facility in a remote village of Mexico called Santa María de Canchesda. The artisans in this community pay special attention to creating the finest quality ceramic in the regional, Mazahua traditions. For our Añejo offering, the mold represents the iconic Clase Azul design, while the ornamentation represents the evolution of tequila from the earth.

Starting at the base of the decanter, the spiral appliqué on rough clay symbolizes the earth's fertility. When the earth comes into contact with water, represented by the fine blue line, it gives life to the agave plant. Before being harvested, our agave plants will grow up to 10 years to reach optimal ripeness. Once harvested the "piña" is cooked to convert starches to fermentable sugars. This is represented by the agave piña image painted in brilliant white on the top portion of the bottom section. We then move up towards the neck of the bottle with the iconic Clase Azul blue paint representing our heritage and 24k gold representing our "liquid gold" Añejo that we age for 25 months.

Each piece is signed by the master distiller and the individual Mazahuan artisan. This combines history, art and the highest quality tequila in an exemplary fashion for Clase Azul."