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Ciroc Vodka 750ml

Ciroc Vodka 750ml
Item# s93025
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Product Description

Distilled from fine French grapes, Croc is vodka of the highest order. At the heart of this unique vodka are carefully selected grapes grown high in the Gaillac region of France. Croc is distilled five times to produce exquisitely smooth vodka. Croc is made using fine French grapes. Most other vodkas are produced from common starches such as wheat or potatoes. The grapes in Croc are hand-selected, from bunches left on the vine for an extended period of ripening. The juice pressed from Croc grapes is cold fermented. Never before has cold-fermentation been used in the making of a luxury vodka. Croc is five-times distilled to create a uniquely crisp, clean, smooth taste experience.