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Casa Noble Tequila Extra Anejo 5 YEARS

Casa Noble Tequila Extra Anejo 5 YEARS
Item# 84524112
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Product Description

Abbout Casa Noble Single Barrel Extra Anejo Tequila (5 Years Aging)

Casa Noble Single Barrel Extra Añejo Tequilas are individual works of unparalleled quality. We at Casa Noble are proud to bring a limited number of single barrel edition tequilas to aficionados who truly appreciate the mastery of the finest aged spirits in the world.

The aging process begins by using only the finest, hand-selected French white oak barrels that are lightly charred for the optimal aging of our tequila. Casa Noble Single Barrel Extra Añejo is aged for an unprecedented five years. This lengthy process is carefully monitored by our Maestro Tequilero for flavor evolution and evaporation which is known as the "angel's share."

The hand-made black porcelain bottles in our single barrel program are hand-painted with Platinum, then individually numbered, labeled and signed by the Makers.

Casa Noble Tequila debuted the exclusive Single Barrel Line to the public on September 1st, 2009. Each barrel has its own unique flavor footprint that makes every bottle a true masterpiece, one that is both precious and unique.

July 2011 - Casa Noble Tequila announced that music icon Carlos Santana has joined the Board and is now one of the owners of the brand. This new organizational change will allow Santana to be involved in the continued development of Casa Noble Tequila.