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One Barrel Rum

One Barrel Rum
Item# blf1000
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Product Description

Country Of Origin: Belize
Size: 750ML
One Barrel Rum
Unquestionably Belize's favorite rum, it is also the country's best selling liquor. Created in 1964, One Barrel is our flagship brand and a pioneer in Belizean dark rums. Aged and hand crafted by our Master Blender himself, this distinctive product is a skillful blend of the finest spirits creating a truly exquisite rum. Dubbed ‘the come back kid', it was brought back after years of meticulous perfecting. One Barrel impressed the palates of connoisseurs to win golden awards in esteemed Quality and Spirit competitions throughout the Caribbean.

Aged to perfection in Kentucy Oak Barrels for 12 months, One Barrel acquires a medium-body consistency characterized by smooth and distinct flavors. A softly sweet taste complements its bouquet of aromas to create an unforgettably palatable finish.